Renting gas detection devices, is also possible!

At 7Solutions, we will give our customers the ability to rent portable gas detection devices. 7Solutions' rental program is as wide as the portable gas detection catalogue is. The gas detection devices will be completely adjusted to your wishes and we will make sure the device(s) are in good conditions before our agreement will start. The gas detection device(s) are directly usable when receiving, in combination with instructional information by our certified employees.

7Solutions background petrochemicalStated in our conditions: the customer is required to hire a gas detection device for a minimum of one week. The rental prices are available on request, thence, we could provide you with the best gas detection devices in your application. Renting is the most practical way to get used to gas detection devices. Besides that, renting could be interesting to try gas detection devices before buying them. And if the device doesnot work properly, we will make sure you will get a new device.

7Solutions will provide you with the service as we are accustomed. Please take a look in our portable gas detection assortment by clicking here.
If you have any question regarding renting gas detection, do not hesitate to contact 7Solutions.

Key benefits

  • Meters are in top condition
  • Meters are supplied with calibration certificate
  • Gauges are optionally delivered with instruction

Purchase of the equipment after the renting belongs to the possibilities. We can cater to the purchase price by offsetting a portion of the rent.

We are VCA and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

If you have questions about our training programs, please email or call us so we can assist you.

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