Multi gas detection

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Multi gas detection
Any electronic system that can monitor and alarm for more than one target gas simultaneously. Usually, Multi gas detectors can be equipped with many combinations of different sensors, of which oxygen and LEL sensors are usually two. Some multi gas detectors can also contain a Photo Ionisation Detection (PID) sensor, a CO2 sensor or some other specialty sensor. They are equipped with a battery, alarm functions and communication, either to transfer detected values to a computer or to transfer real-time readings to a central monitoring location. A tendency is taking place to miniaturize "simple" multi gas detectors and to add ever more functions to more complex and costly multi gas detectors. 7Solutions has mixed experiences with most of these devices and can give you a great advice for what to look for in your next gas detector.


7Solutions has its own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what brand or age.

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