Our founding father Mr. Ing. P. Sieben has achieved a life dedication to gas detection since the early days when gas detectors were just only tubes and catalytic sensors. He has witnessed, and developed many products incorporating other sensor types such as the electrochemical types. Now, these sensor have also become common place, never fully replacing tubes but still having the capability of continues monitoring. Our tube business has grown to be the strongest in the market. 7Solutions was founded in 2003 in an attic no bigger than 2m2 where quotes, inventory, invoicing and service took place. Currently, 7Solutions owns a group of dedicated companies that have grown into an organisation where 60 people are part of the profitable 15 mln € revenue. We are operating in 26 countries in the world with two strong offices, one offices is focussed on the BeNeLux  and another office with strong focus to the German speaking countries (DACH). We have an export department, thus we are able to offer expertise to 26 European nations. We have grown to entertain a R&D department for the designing of products and als for assisting with implementations. We are deeply rooted into the customer base with the philosophy of positioning ourselves strategically, offering solutions to gas detection needs where others fail due to a lack of knowledge. In the years we have always grown with double figures due to our competitive nature and our willingness to take away customers sorrows. Our customers expect us to work for them.

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