Portable gas detection

Our dedication for safety and our experience in the world of gas detection made us an important supplier of gas detection solutions. At 7Solutions are multiple detectors from multiple brands available. Gas Detectors are keeping people safe and satisfied during their work. Our range of Gas Detectors exist of a single gas device, multi gas device and leak detectors.

Gas Detectors are used to detect combustibles, flammables, toxic gases and oxygen levels. In this way, gas detectors can be used in multiple applications. Confined Space, Fumigation, Petrochemical Industry and so on. Besides your possibilities to buy such a gas detector, we are offering devices for rental for a particular number of weeks. Rental might be interesting if you just need a gas detector for a project or if you want to try such a device before purchasing.

In order to provide you the most proper solution for your application, we would advise to call always one of our representatives. This will avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication and as we are always want to keep you happy and satisfied. Please call one of our colleagues at +31 (0)10 279 99 91 or contact them by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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