Gas detector tubes

Gas Detector Tubes are a simple way to indicate any presence of gas. If a Tube detects gas, it is even able to give a reference point about the concentration. But be aware, that every tube has some deviation. The less the deviation, the better the quality of the tube. We, as 7Solutions, are able to offer the highest available quality on the market, with an average accuracy of 80%. Keep in mind, that the highest available accuracy of tubes is at 90% accuracy, which is only for a few detector tubes available.
For example: if a tube is used to detect a concentration of 50 ppm, the tube will display a concentration between 40 to 60 ppm.

Also, those tubes distinguish from each other in terms of diameter. There are two different detector tube diameters available: the 6 mm tubes and the 8 mm tubes. Those 6 mm tubes are manufactured by UNIPHOS, Kitagawa, Gastec and RAE/Honeywell. The 8mm tubes are offered from KwikDraw (former MSA Auer) and Dräger. 7Solutions is proud to be the main distributor of Uniphos/ KwikDraw- Tubes, which offer the most economical way, combined with the highest available accuracy. Thanks to our very good co-operation with the manufacturer, we are able to supply you with tubes with a full shelf-life.

As soon as you want to use gas detector tubes, its diameter is very important, since you need a pump and not every pump is able to take every tube diameter. In fact, there is only one manufacturer producing pumps for both diameters which is Uniphos. Because of this, 7Solutions can offer you pumps for both diameters. For more information, please call one of our colleagues at +31 (0)10 279 99 91 or contact them by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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