Maintenance and service of portable and stationary gas detection systems

7Solutions kalibratieProviding service and unburdening the customer are a high priority at 7Solutions. This is separate from the high-quality gas detection equipment we can provide. With out VCA certified mechanics we provide the required inspections, maintenance and repairs, so you can trust that your mobile and / or stationary gas detection will always function in good conditions.

7Solutions has its own service center at its headquarters in Capelle aan den IJssel. These service workshops are fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your gas detection can be perfectly maintained and / or can be repaired. The activities include the establishment of measuring amplifiers and functional testing of all components in the alarm chain. If required, we can also reconfigure the measuring amplifiers and controllers so that they meet your individual requirements.

Thanks to our newest addition it is possible that our engineers are available on location in the Benelux. A new Calibration van ensures that you, on location in the Benelux, can be helped with calibration of your gas detection equipment, as well (preventive) maintenance and repairs on all your gas detection equipment.

Service Level Agreement

At 7Solutions you have the opportunity to conclude a Service Level Agreement with your gas detection equipment. This Service Level Agreement covers all maintenance of your gas detection systems. We offer a standard Service Level Agreement or a customized Service Level Agreement. Beforehand there will be made advanced agreements on the way of maintenance. , price and frequency of maintenance etc. You can specify what works best for you, we apply the Service Level Agreement according to your wishes.

SKS (7Solutions Kalibratie & Service)

The standard service level agreement that we can offer is called SKS, in other words 7Solutions Calibration & Service. SKS covers all preventive maintenance and calibration of gas detection instrument. The price you pay for SKS is determined on the date of purchase and continues throughout the life of the device unchanged (provided the device at regular re-calibration data is periodically sent to us for maintenance), we do not charge any labor costs. You will receive every 6 or 12 months (depending type of device and whether you will check the operation regarding the test gas) a calibration call with free advice for recalibration. You do not have to monitor is by yourself, we do that for you!

To your preference you visit us at the service department, where you can wait in a relaxed environment and use our free Wi-Fi network and grab a nice cup of coffee if desired. You can also choose to send the device to us or we will visit you on location for the maintenance of your gas detection device. When you choose to send the unit to 7Solutions B.V., you must consider with normal conditions with a lead time of three working days excl. Transport time. The shipping costs are complimentary within the Benelux. If you would like to send your product to 7Solutions B.V. please be advised that this is also complimentary. If you need an instrument during the maintenance of your gas detection device you can get one from 7Solutions B.V. We have a wide range of loan extensions available (if on stock), which you can in case of maintenance borrow most of the time free of charge from us.

You can send us your gas detection devices. Please find below our postal address:

7Solutions B.V.
T.a.v. Technische Dienst / Technical Department
Hoofdweg 36A
2908 LC Capelle aan den IJssel

Our customized Service Level Agreement

For customers who have specific requirements on the Service Level Agreement we offer the customized Service Level Agreement. We maintain fixed, portable and wireless gas detection devices. Whether it is for calibration or just repairing your tools that you can decide that by yourself. You can adjust the complete maintenance of your gas detection device to your specific needs and requirements. Please find below a few items as example which you can use at your desire related to customized Service Level Agreement:

• Multi-year contracts with fixed prices. And no variables.
• Choice of monthly or quarterly invoices
• A report on the maintenance of equipment committed by us
• Maintenance on location with route planning
• Delivery service
• Extend Warranty
• A feedback to the individual users
• Training HINTS related to the equipment
• Different levels of communication
• Service level in speed

For more information about a customized Service Level Agreement you can contact our product managers. Our product managers can compose in consultation with you a customized Service Level Agreement which perfectly fits your needs and your company needs.

You can read the following terms and conditions of 7Solutions B.V. (Drawn up by FHI, Federation of technology branches) here: Download here the delivery terms

We are !SO 9001:2008 and VCA certified.

ISO 9001:2008

It is essential to have quality procedures to provide our customers with excellent and consistent quality of products and service. This is not the only measure we take to deliver quality service and products. 7Solutions B.V. is in possession of several certificates which demonstrate the level of quality within the organization. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This certificate proves that 7Solutions B.V. works with a predefined and structured way to quality (care, control and assurance). We are also in possession of many other certificates specifically focused on maintenance and repair of your gas detection device.

VCA certificate

Suppliers of service-providing organizations do often get the questions if you are a VCA certified company. Many customers make this even as a precondition.7Solutions ISO9001 VCA1 DNV GL Transparant

VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) checklist contractors and is intended to help you and your employees work safer and reduce the number of accidents. In fact, VCA is much more than a checklist. It is a versatile program that allows service providing companies are tested and certified for their VGM management. Many principals put the VCA-certificate as a mandatory item. In addition to the company-certificate, employees do also need to be in possession of a VCA-certificate, VCA-Basis or VCA-VOL (for operational managers). 

VCA-certification is intended for companies which perfom risky activities in a risky environment. Often due to construction or maintenance activities which take place on (construction sites in sectors such as (petrochemical, power, steel, (domestic) shipping, off-shore as well as in general workshops and production halls. 

VCA exists since 1994. The development of the VCA-certification system has been launched in 1989 by the National Working Group Contractor Safety. Representatives of petrochemical companies and contractors wanted to develop a system to assess objectively contractor organizations on their safety and performance. Meanwhile, the VCA is generally recognized as the industry standard.

The SCC system is administered by the independent Foundation Cooperation for Safety (SSVV). The Central Committee of Experts VCA is responsible for the management and further development of the VCA schedule. The VCA scheme is accredited by the Accreditation Council (RvA). The certification settings which are operated by the VCA audits are accredited by the Accreditation Council.

The VCA system (known as certification scheme) meets the requirements laid down in the European standards. As a result, international application and any mutual recognition is simplified between the European countries.




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