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Product Description

The AirWatch by 7Solutions is a gas detector that turns machines on or off. It is suitable for almost every application. It can be used as a non-ATEX area monitor, and has O2, LEL, CO and H2S sensors as standard. The sensors can be replaced with others such as carbon dioxide CO2 (replacement for LEL sensor) sulfur dioxide SO2, chlorine CL2, ammonia NH3 and phosphine PH3 (replacements for toxic sensors).

The basic purpose of the device is to monitor machines in non-ATEX zones and turn them off when an unexpected event occurs. You determine whether this applies to all sensors, or only to explosion hazards.
In case of a power cut, the AirWatch will continue to operate for 60 minutes if fitted with an optional backup battery. All results are stored on an easily removable SD card.
The optional data logger can be set to store all measurement data between one and 600 seconds.


One of the AirWatch applications is breathing air compressors. If hazardous substances are detected, it will turn off the compressor turned off immediately, so that they cannot get into air bottles. If the concentrations detected have dropped to below the alarm limits, the Airwatch can be reset and the equipment attached to it restarted.

The AirWatch will continue measuring the surrounding air during and after use. It can be used in parking garages, tunnels, near water purification installations, and when buildings are being decontaminated, and has a wireless function. You can monitor the readings from up to fifty AirWatches remotely on a laptop.
The non-ATEX nature of this detector makes it suitable for machinery such as diesel generators, welding equipment and elevators.
  • breathing air compressors
  • Parking garages
  • Tunnels
  • Water treatment plants
  • Fumigation



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