Cal 2000 gasgenerator

Cal 2000 gasgenerator

Product Description

The Cal 2000 provides unmatched flexibility and accuracy for corrosive calibration gases. The replaceable electro-chemical cells on location for a precise calibration standard for testing sensors for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide. The Cal 2000 microprocessor and has an LCD display for on site setting ppm level and flow rate. The electrochemical cells can be replaced in the field. In addition, the Cal 2000 to 50 times more calibration gas cylinder generates one for about the same price. The Cal 2000 gas generator has a built-in flow sensor, which automatically compensates for pressure and temperature. Combined with the built-in pump provides the mass flow sensor for great flexibility in calibrating both diffusion systems "sample-draw" system. The gasgenerator has no calibration bottle with a high-pressure making it more easily can be taken along in, for example, airplanes.


  • Compact handy design
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery operated
  • adjustable ppm level and flow rate
  • automatic purge when switching off the instrument
  • Removable cells for calibration gas


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